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Dr. Sulfur's Night Lab
Enter This Virtual Chemistry Lab at Your Own Risk!

Bizarre events have plunged Dr. Sulfur's Institute into chaos. Players enter at their own risk and join forces with a strange group of experimentally-bred creatures to restore order. The 3D virtual chemistry lab is a chemistry simulator in which the player conducts experiments, creates explosions, and dabbles with volatile and mysterious substances. Dynamic chemistry challenges provide multiple levels of difficulty and create new risks with every game.

Ages: 9 and up
Category: Science
Price: $39.95 (est.)
Platforms: Windows 95 CD-ROM

The Fennels Figure Math
Solve Outrageous Problems in the House Where Anything Can Happen!

The ongoing predicaments of the outrageous Fennel Family are the basis for this challenging math adventure. The player explores the oddly perfect world found within a very large and very strange house where anything can happen. Players construct and solve math puzzles using everyday math tools (protractors, rulers, timers and thermometers), logic, and an array of custom-built Fennel-Figuring Machines.

Ages: 8 to 12
Category: Math
Price: $39.95 (est.)
Platforms: Windows 95 CD-ROM

Pony Express Rider
Become a Wild West Hero on a Ride to Save the Nation!

As the newest Pony Express rider, the player must get the mail west to forge a vital link between the eastern states and California on the eve of civil war. With legendary riders Buffalo Bill Cody and Calamity Jane as guides, the player will learn to survive difficult conditions, face dangers, outwit spies and a spy ring, and perhaps out-do other Pony Express riders, all against the backdrop of actual U.S. history.

Ages: 9 to 14
Category: Social Studies
Price: $39.95 (est.)
Platforms: Windows 95 CD-ROM

Pyramid: Challenge of the Pharaoh's Dream
Master the Tools and Secrets of Ancient Egypt

The player has been hurled back in time by the ancient gods, challenged to uncover the mysteries of this ancient society. The player's goal is to build a great pyramid, working with the people, understanding the culture, and by using the tools and methods of the time. To survive and reap this challenge's rewards, the player must advance through seven levels of adventures and puzzles.

Ages: 10 and up
Category: Social Studies
Price: $39.95 (est.)
Platforms: Windows 95 and Windows 3.1 CD-ROM

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