Hunt for the Pharaoh's Treasure - To be unearthed on Nov. 12th, 1996 Explorers, archaeologists and treasure-seekers from all corners of the Earth are invited to join the search for lost Egyptian Treasure...

Each week, for ten weeks, face exciting and educational challenges in an attempt to reach the fabulous artifact chamber hidden deep within the catacombs of the Pharaoh's tomb. Dig through the Web in search of ancient Egyptian clues, decipher age-old hieroglyphics, and explore your way to terrific prizes!

The Treasure Hunt begins in January and kids of all ages are invited to play*. Make sure to check back again to pre-register.

*only those 16 and under are eligible for prizes.
Hunt for the Pharaoh's Treasure is brought to you by Fledge and McGraw-Hill Home Interactive.