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Explorers, archaeologists and treasure-seekers from all corners of the Earth are invited to join the search for lost Egyptian Riches...Hunt for the Pharaoh's Treasure: to be unearthed on November 12th, 1996
New Stuff Baked Fresh You're already looking to see what's new?! Fledge just went live - We're new! Isn't that enough?
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The Place to Post
Calling all Fledge-lings! Got something to say? A bone to pick? A story to tell? Then you've come to the right place. This is where you can add your two cents, and maybe make new Fledge-Friends.
Games to Groove On
Looking for Amusing and Odd Things to Do? Bored? Try these Board games! If you've got the Time, We've got the Downloadables. We've got Brain Benders, if you've got the mental munchies.
Feel the need for change? Tired of your old Net Routine? Check out these Random and Really Cool Sites. There's new stuff everytime you check!
Query, query, quite contrary: Question of the Day
Tired of depressing news stories that only adults seem to care about? So are we! That's why we like Tomorrow's Morning - it's news for kids. Go check out these stories.
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