House on Hilton Drive

For Sale sign The Empty Lot: When we decided to move back to Boulder Creek, we though it would be a good idea to buy an empty lot and build a new home (What did we know? We had never done it before.) We found an empty lot on the 8th fairway of the Boulder Creek Country Club These are pictures of the lot when we had just bought it, and no work had been done to prepare it for our new home.

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Building the Gazebo: After travelling to Santa Cruz for years to rent a hot tub, we finally decided to take the plunge (pun intended) and get one of our own. When we live in Tracy we had put in a hot tub with an enclosure that allowed us to use it year-round, regardless if it was cold or raining, which allowed us privacy to use the tub au natural. We also wanted an enclosure that gave us room to disrobe or dry off inside, something the one in Tracy did not offer. I found this at a hot tub store, it was a custom-built store demo that they were selling for the cost of materials.

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